What does SaaS mean? What about ASP?

Procountor has a free customer service available to its customers to help in questions on the use of the software.

SaaS is an abbreviation of ”Software as a Service”, and it refers to purchasing software as a service instead of conventional licenses. ASP, a closely related context, stands for ”Application Service Provisioning”. The term cloud computing service basically also means the same thing, that is service used via the internet that stores data remotely.

With Procountor, financial management is possible with the SaaS model so that the financial management software is purchased as a service and instead of a fixed license price, it is paid for according to actual use. In addition to pricing, Procountor’s Software as a Service solution offers the customer several other benefits, as we take care of server maintenance, data security, back-ups and version updates, among other things, on behalf of the customer.

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