How can financial management be taken care of online?

Procountor has a free customer service available to its customers to help in questions on the use of the software.

With modern tools, financial management is possible efficiently and easily on the internet. Procountor is an entirely web-based financial management software product for SMEs with comprehensive tools for making all financial management electronic.

Web-based financial management software is similar to a company’s online bank, making not only payments possible but also matters such as sales invoicing and accounting. Web-based financial management software can be used regardless of time and place, which increases the flexibility and efficiency of work. Software deployment is easy, and the customer does not need to worry about installation, hardware acquisitions, version updates or back-ups; they are all included in the service.

Using the internet also makes cooperation with the accounting office more effective, with the customer company and accounting office having access to the same system and information shared in it. The division of work can be agreed upon flexibly, and duplicate recording, for example, is eliminated by using a shared system.

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