How do I handle the division of work with the accounting office?

Procountor has a free customer service available to its customers to help in questions on the use of the software.

Procountor financial management software is extremely well suited as a joint tool for a customer company and accounting office, as the software makes it possible to connect several users to the same environment without any extra cost and supports the flexible limitation of access rights. It is a good idea to agree on a clear division of work between the customer and the accounting office in connection with the deployment of the software.

The division of work can be implemented as follows, for example:

Customer company Accounting office
Sales invoicing and accounts receivable Maintains the customer register and product register for sales.

Prepares and sends sales invoices.

Maintains default postings of customers and products.

Checks the accounting of sales.

Takes care of accounts receivable.

Purchase invoice processing and accounts payable

Maintains the supplier register and product register for purchases.

Receives all purchase invoices electronically.

Takes care of the circulation of purchase invoices for approval and their payment

Maintains default postings of suppliers and products.

Checks the accounting of purchases.

Monthly and annual accounting work Always receives up-to-date monitoring data.

Balances the books on a monthly basis.Creates and sends the VAT return on a monthly and quarterly basis (sending available only in Finland).

Closes the follow-up periods on a monthly basis.

Prepares the financial statements and balance book annually.

Prepares the tax return annually.

Closes the financial years annually.



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