What do I need an accounting office for?

Procountor has a free customer service available to its customers to help in questions on the use of the software.

Migration to electronic financial management significantly boosts the efficiency of financial management and makes it possible to automate several work phases that were previously manual; however, it does not make all financial management automatic. Using electronic financial management actually increases the role of the accounting office as an expert in financial management.

With Procountor, a company’s personnel can, for example, easily prepare and send sales invoices, as well as review and pay purchase invoices so that accounts based on assumptions are automatically generated in the background of the vouchers. However, the expertise of an accounting office or in-house financial management specialist is needed in processing special cases, balancing the books, creating and sending monthly VAT and employer contribution reports (sending of monthly VAT and employer contribution reports only available in Finland) and preparation of financial statements.

Procountor software is excellently suited for joint use by the customer company and accounting office, as it enables joint management of information. The division of work between the company and accounting office can be implemented very flexibly according to individual needs with Procountor.

Ultimately, the need for an accounting office is completely company-specific. If the company has professional competence in accounting, all accounting can be managed fully independently with Procountor. On the other hand, if the company wants to outsource the service but still perform part of it in-house, Procountor is the right tool for the job. Thanks to Procountor’s versatile user management, it is possible for the company and accounting office to freely agree on the division of work. Typically, the company prepares invoices in Procountor and the accounting office reviews the accounting entries generated in Procountor and creates and sends the value added tax returns from Procountor to the tax authorities at the end of the month (sending available only in Finland).

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