Procountor Financial Management – Real time financial data always available

Procountor Financial Management is a software solution that enables fully electronic financial management. The solution is well suited for joint use by accounting firms and their customer organisations, and businesses can also use it to manage their bookkeeping and financials independently, without an accounting firm.

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All you need for electronic financial management

Procountor Financial Management enables you to easily take care of sales invoices, purchase invoices, accounts receivables / accounts payable, payroll, bookkeeping, monitoring company finances and electronic archiving, among other things.  

The same contract also includes, for example, comprehensive e-invoice connections, a printing and scanning service for traditional invoices, banking connections and electronic notifications to authorities.

It is quick to start using Procountor, even in the middle of the financial year. 

  • Scalable depending on your company’s circumstances 
  • Available regardless of the time and place 
  • No installations or equipment purchases required 
  • Free of charge updates, maintenance and customer service 
  • Comprehensive user support and free of charge customer service

Effective collaboration with your accounting firm 

Sharing responsibilities between the accounting firm and the customer organisation is easy when both have access to the same system and data. The division of work can be agreed on a case-by-case basis – the system poses no restrictions relating to this.  

Your company will always maintain ownership of the data stored in Procountor, making it possible to change accounting firms without having to change the software.  

The accounting firm of a customer organisation gets free access to Procountor.

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