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Procountor integrations and API

Save your time and automate manual steps. Procountor offers the best real-time interfaces on the market.

Procountor API – a constantly evolving interface

Procountor API (Application Programming Interface) is a programming interface that allows you to call Procountor from another application and utilise the data in real time. Procountor API is available for all Procountor Financial Management environments (with the exception of Procountor Ledger).

Procountor API can be used to build integrations that add value, between commercial applications or company specific internal systems and Procountor. Many popular applications already have an interface to Procountor.

Integration prices

Pricing is based on integration implementation technology.

Procountor API

9,95 € / month + 1,95 € / month / integration. No separate opening fee. VAT 24% will be added to all prices.

Procountor API allows you to connect various software to Procountor and automate data transfer between software. Procountor API is the most modern and comprehensive technology. Through the interface, it is possible to create, retrieve, update and also delete data.

Automatic transfer interface (SFTP)

Opening fee standard interface 550 €, new interface 1100 €, + monthly fee 29 €/month. VAT 24% will be added to all prices.

The automatic transfer interface is a service ordered as an additional service to the Procountor software that enables the completely automated transfer of invoice data from different software to Procountor. Service supports the transfer of sales, purchase, travel and expense invoices and is suitable for connecting ERP and e-commerce software to Procountor, for example. With the help of parameterization of the material, the interface can be flexibly adapted to different applications.

With the help of exports, it is possible to transfer data from Procountor to another system on a scheduled basis, for example for project monitoring or financing sales invoices.

Material importing to Procountor (CSV)

Free function.

The Material importing (CSV) function allows you to import data from other systems to Procountor or manually created Excel spreadsheets, for example. Transferring data from other systems to Procountor makes it easy to get started. Importing basic information into a financial management program is a quick function.

With the help of this function, for example, customer and product registers, accounting data, invoice data and budget data can be imported into Procountor. This function can also be used to import, for example, working hours and payroll transactions into Procountor’s payroll using a transfer file.

This function is accessed from the main menu under Administration> Data Entry.

Items generated to Procountor using the interface are charged using item-based billing as outlined in the Procountor service price list. Charges related to the service are invoiced monthly, alongside other Procountor charges.

All prices and costs will have the applicable VAT and other applicable taxes and official charges added.

Accounting Firm API

Accounting Firm API is a new invoicing model set up to meet the needs of accounting firms. Using the Accounting Firm API it is possible to send invoices for API charges relating to the interface use of certain software packages to the accounting firm instead of the end customer. Additionally, the Accounting Firm API uses a pricing model that actively supports the business of accounting firms – this especially takes into consideration situations where the integration is being used with a large number of customers. 

Accountor Finago defines which software packages are covered by the Accounting Firm API and accounting firms can choose whether to use the Accounting Firm API invoicing model with these packages. If they choose not to, API invoicing is carried out as per the usual set up. 

The Accounting Firm API invoicing model is not available for all software packages that have been integrated to Procountor. Only a limited number of software packages will be included in the Accounting Firm API.

What are the criteria used to select a software package to be included in the Accounting Firm API?

  • the software package is only used by accounting firms (not end customers) and the integration benefits accounting firms directly 
  • the software package uses data about customers’ Procountor environments

Do you have a software application that you would like to have included in the Accounting Firm API? Our experts at integrations@procountor.com can help with this and other Accounting Firm API related queries. 

Deployment of the API

The deployment of the Procountor API requires that the application or system has had an integration built against the Procountor API. It is the responsibility of the customer to build an interface in the system to be integrated to Procountor to send and receive calls if the software does not already have this interface available. Please refer to our API deployment guidelines on our development website dev.procountor.com/.

Please note that integration consultation is not included in our free of charge customer service.

With any generic queries relating to the Procountor API, please contact our experts on integrations@procountor.com.

Procountor API technology in a nutshell

Procountor API has been designed according to the REST (Representational state transfer) principle. This method builds an interface or system architecture based on HTTP calls. The data transfer format used is JSON and authentication adapts the OAuth2 process.

  • REST based 
  • Supports JSON format 
  • Updated with normal version updates

For more technical detail about the API, please visit dev.procountor.com.

Ready-to-use interface to transfer invoices

When using the automatic invoice transfer interface, invoice material can be transferred to Procountor automatically. The ready-to-use integration is quick to implement, and it supports data transfers for both purchase and sales invoices from an external system. A pre-packaged module for invoice transfer is available as an additional Procountor service.  

Importing material using transfer files

Transferring data from other systems to Procountor makes it easier to get started. Importing the basic data to the financial management software is quick to do. Data transfer can additionally be used if the company uses several different systems and wants to keep the data between them up to date.

Using predefined transfer files (CSV format) it is possible to import data relating to business partner registers, product registers, invoices, memo vouchers, payroll and dimensions to Procountor.

Material import – properties

  • Import customer, supplier and people registers 
  • Import sales and purchase invoices and travel and expense claims 
  • Import payroll calculations 
  • Import product registers 
  • Import bookkeeping material as memo vouchers 
  • Import budget data 
  • Predefined CSV transfer files