Electronic operating model

Procountor and a competent accounting office together provide the best possible result for your company. Instead of the customer and accounting office maintaining their own systems, Procountor now provides a financial management software that can be used jointly.

Joint software for the customer and the accounting office

Financial management software jointly used by a company and the accounting office enhances co-operation and makes the division of work easier. The flow of information becomes faster, and the accounting office can offer its customer even better service. The customer can process sales and purchase invoices, as well as other vouchers in-house, with the data transferred effortlessly to the accounting office for accounting. Correspondingly, the customer has immediate access to accounting reports and other financial indicators. Therefore, the customer and the accounting office can both focus on their own core competencies—the customer on business operations and the accounting officer on providing high-quality financial management services.

Procountor is flexible in different operating models

With the software, both parties always have up-to-date information on the company’s finances available without having to take folders around every month. At the same time, the processes of both parties become easier and more efficient. The division of work between the company and the accounting office can be made flexibly on a case-by-case basis using the operating model that best suits the co-operation.

Financial management routines become easier in all cases. Information exchange becomes electronic, and both parties will benefit from the joint system.

The accounting office can offer the customer up-to-date report data and consultation based on it in questions related to increasing the efficiency of the company’s processes without time-consuming investigations. On the other hand, the outsourced financial management model allows the customer to track the accounting and, for example, the development of sales or expenses proactively using their own user IDs.

Procountor makes it possible to make use of the accounting office’s insight to support the management. Analysis of report and follow-up data and resulting company-specific process innovations can offer an entirely new level of operation for the company as well as the accounting office.

Pricing and co-operation model

Procountor’s invoicing is voucher-based. Thus, the fee develops with the company’s business and does not result in separate investment expenses. All of the tools needed by the accounting office and the customer are included in Procountor’s voucher fees. Separate user IDs make accounting and its monitoring easier. It is possible to create separate user IDs for all company and accounting office employees. The division of work between the company and the accounting office can be agreed upon without any limitations by simply defining the access rights. The access rights and their extent can be limited very accurately by person and function. Usually, the aim is to find a co-operation model that eliminates unnecessary work phases. At the same time, the possibilities of error decrease and the efficiency of work increases significantly. Primarily, the company’s invoices are relayed to the system via a scanning service. The accounting office reviews all postings by checking them automatically and balancing the books monthly, as well as creating the value added tax returns.