For Accounting Offices

Procountor is a cost-effective comprehensive solution for accounting offices, allowing you to serve your customers with an electronic as well as a conventional service model. Already over 800 accounting offices in the Nordics use Procountor. Welcome to join us!

Electronic financial management for accounting offices

Procountor is a friendly accounting software that allows accounting offices to serve their customers both electronically and conventionally.

With Procountor, you can migrate your accounting office to the digital era in one go! Already over 800 accounting offices in the Nordics rely on Procountor, developed to increase the efficiency of accounting office routines and enhance the co-operation between the accounting office and the customer company.

Being a cloud-based service, the software does not require any installation. Procountor develops continuously, and all updates are free of charge to the user.

Why Procountor?

100% electronic financial management

Procountor is a fully electronic, cloud-based financial management. Electronic financial management makes it possible for all updates and backups to be made automatically, and the accounting office does not need to install anything or have its own servers. Moreover, Procountor does not require investments in licenses; it is always sold as a monthly charged service. Our customers are also served by our praised free customer service.

Benefits of joint use for the customer and the accounting office

Electronic financial management makes it possible for the customer and accountant to flexibly access the same data and reports. Flow of information and accounting routines become more efficient, making it possible to provide customers with better service. Thus, joint use of Procountor is both the customer company’s and the accounting office’s benefit. Read more about the electronic operating model for accounting offices.