Tikon is an efficient overall financial management solution for accounting offices and medium-sized companies, enabling automation of financial management. Tikon software is possible only in Finland.

Tikon – a financial manager

Tikon’s effectiveness is based on systematic solutions that reduce manual work. Tikon allows you to import banking materials, send reports to authorities and handle e-invoicing. Tikon also supports linking of imports, print-outs and reporting. Thanks to this, the functionalities of a number of companies can be opened simultaneously, with a single command. The functionalities can also be timed, allowing tasks to activate automatically. Tikon’s many additional features also enable automated data processing.

NetTikon tools allow you to collect data for Tikon, anytime and anywhere. Correspondingly, results and reports can be distributed back to management and supervisors to support decision-making. NetTikon apps give other users in the organization access to data and reports and a chance to take care of their administrative tasks by computer or mobile device.

What makes Tikon efficient?

Tikon’s effectiveness is based on systematic solutions that reduce manual work. It enables the automatic, efficient and digitalized transfer of nearly all data related to financial management and saves time by allowing for the extensive automation of data processing.

  • Account scheme templates
  • Report templates
  • Shared basic info
  • Change management
  • Multi-company solution
  • Mass functions
  • Automated entries
  • Bank statement into vouchers
  • Timing and chaining
  • Interfaces (in/out)

Interested in Tikon?

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