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NetTikon is part of the Tikon productfamily, NetTikon and Tikon softwares are possible only in Finland. NetTikon is available to existing NetTikon partners. For new clients, we recommend Procountor Financial Management as an electronic financial management software.

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Fully digitalized financial management with Tikon

Tikon is indispensable for every demanding professional of financial management. It offers tools for the multi-faceted analysis of performance indicators and the management of administrative routines. It is the most widespread service platform among accounting offices in Finland, helping to manage the finances of 80,000 companies.

NetTikon is a Tikon electronic financial management module-based solution maintained by Finago for the needs of current customers. NetTikon is available to existing NetTikon partners and their customers.

For all of our new clients, we recommend Procountor Financials, an electronic financial management software that provides a rich set of capabilities for digital financial management, both for accounting firms and client companies.

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Information for current NetTikon users

We continue to maintain the NetTikon software and its customer service. The Tikon productfamily and NetTikon will continue to be developed to meet regulatory requirements. Tikon’s role is reinforced as traditional financial management software.

Corporate customers are also increasingly demanding from accounting firms collaborative and convenient financial management software. We will continue to deliver a competitive online customer experience based on Procountor.