Procountor Financials – Comprehensive Electronic Financial Management

Procountor Financial provides affordable and easy-to-use electronic financial management, the software is extremely well-suited for joint use by the customer and accounting office.

All you need for digitalized financial management

Procountor Financials software enables fully electronic financial management, and can be implemented rapidly even in the middle of the financial year. The software covers functions such as invoicing, purchase invoice processing, accounts ledger, payroll accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and electronic archive. The same contract also brings you access to printing service, scanning service and electronic communication with banks. E-invoicing is at the moment possible in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Electronic communication with authorities is possible in Finland.

The solution is also extremely well-suited for joint use by the customer and accounting office. No extra charge is made for use by the accounting office, so the customer also gains free access to its accounting office’s Procountor Financials. When both have access to the same system, sharing the financial data becomes much easier. Co-ordination of work also becomes straightforward.

Procountor Financials has no user charge, so all employees can be given individual access codes if needed.

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