Product family – reliable and user-friendly financial management software

Accountor Finago’s product family consists of user-friendly and reliable financial management software that functions as a cloud service. The software is equally suitable for businesses and accounting offices, and is adaptable to the various needs of companies.

Accountor Finago – all you need to handle financial management

Depending on the software you choose to use, you can create and send sales invoices, control and pay purchase invoices and monitor the financial status of your business, whenever and wherever you like, practically in real time. Accounting, payroll and reporting to authorities are also available, all in the same system. In addition, the software has built-in connections for sending and receiving e-invoices, and for electronic banking.

Financial management software that functions in the form of a cloud service allows for automatic execution of all updates and backups, and there is no need for your own server or software installations. Nor do the products require investments in licenses. Instead, they are always sold as a service subject to a monthly fee, based on the number of vouchers. All you need is a computer and internet access. In addition, all your questions about the products will be answered by our free customer service, either by phone or by email. <Learn more about our customer service>

Accountor Finago’s product family

Digital financial management – shared software for businesses and accounting offices

Software that enables entirely digital financial management, for both businesses and accounting offices.

Traditional financial management – accounting software for internal use by accounting offices

Standard cloud-based financial management software for accounting offices.