Joint use with an accounting office

Procountor is an easy-to-use and secure solution for electronic financial management that is affordable and rapid to install. The Procountor product range is flexible for different needs.

With electronic financial management, the company and the accounting office have access to the same system. Folders are not needed any more and communication becomes easier, allowing the company to get even better service from the accounting office.

Easy co-operation with the accounting office

Procountor provides the company with the best possible outcome in co-operation with a skilled accounting office. Whereas before the company and the accounting office both maintained their own systems, Procountor offers a joint electronic financial management software solution used by both.

Co-operation without folders

With Procountor, the company and the accounting office always have access to the same data. All sales invoices are sent from Procountor, purchase invoices are received directly in Procountor, and receipts are stored directly in the same system. With bank statements received directly in the software, the entrepreneur does not have to send vouchers and invoices separately to the accountant. The entrepreneur and the accounting office will have more time for discussing business figures that are significant for the company.

Flexible work

Procountor enables flexible division of work between the company and the accounting office. The division of work between the accounting office and the company can be defined on a case-by-case basis, financial management tasks can be easily divided and the division of work can be flexibly changed directly in the software.

Accounting office as the CFO

The deployment of electronic financial management makes it possible for companies to receive better accounting office service. It is easy for the entrepreneur to retrieve financial data in a few seconds, such as the previous month’s income statement or individual product data. The discussion with the accounting office focuses more on guiding the company’s finances than missing receipts. All key financial reports are always available to the company directly from the software.

From the point of view of the accounting office, work becomes significantly easier, with invoices and other vouchers received on time. The accounting office can utilize efficient automation of accounting in its work, decreasing the number of manual errors. With fast and efficient software, it is easy for the accounting office to provide financial consultation services.

Changing the accounting office

Any change of accounting office is extremely easy for a company that uses Procountor. All it takes is to create a user ID/IDs for the new accounting office in the company’s environment. The new accounting office can continue accounting immediately after receiving access to the company’s own environment.