Accountor Finago supports internationalizing companies, and its Procountor-software is available in all the Nordic countries.

One software solution for all Nordic countries

Accountor Finago supports internationalizing companies by being available with Procountor-software to both businesses and accounting offices in the Nordic countries.

Users can access the environments of all countries with a single log-in; no local online banking credentials are needed. Parent companies gain real-time access to the financial management of their subsidiaries, which minimizes the amount of overlapping tasks. The ability to use the same user interface, IDs, functionalities and reports in all countries is a concrete advantage for the company.

Procountor’s benefits in an international environment

One user ID for all countries.
Parent company gains real-time access to the financial management of subsidiaries.
Familiar user interface.
Very similar functionalities despite the fact that the system is localized to meet the specific accounting standards of each country.
Local digital channels (printing and scanning) easily through Procountor.

Are you looking for an international accounting office partner?

Take a look at Procountor’s partner accounting offices, which offer their services to companies operating in the Nordic countries.

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