For companies – all tools for financial management in a single package

Comprehensive financial management software is available under a single agreement, also providing you with the tools required for digital financial management and versatile connections.

Move your company’s financial management into the digital era in one go

Digitalized financial management covers functions such as invoicing, purchase invoice processing, accounts ledger, travel invoices, payroll accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting. Our complete solution includes online banking connections, extensive sending and receiving capabilities for e-invoices, mailing and scanning services, and the connections necessary for sending digital reports to authorities. Digital financial management is extremely well-suited for joint use by the customer and accounting office.

Accountor Finago has more than 1200 partner accounting offices to choose from when you are looking for a modern financial management service provider.

An efficient and flexible solution

The browser-based financial management software can be used regardless of time or place.

The financial management software can be deployed rapidly and flexibly, without having to worry about installation, hardware acquisitions, version updates or backups.

We take care of these for you automatically, and information security is implemented according to online banking standards.

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The pricing is adjustable and based on your company’s needs

The pricing of Accountor Finago products is based on the number of invoices and other vouchers.

The costs are always determined according to the actual use of the financial management software, so you will only pay for actual use, not unnecessary licenses. The service allows for the creation of an unlimited number of user accounts with different access rights.

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Up-to-date working model

Financial management data is entered into the program only once, after which the accounting and other data is immediately available to everyone.

The comprehensive reporting features provide an up-to-date picture of the company’s finances at all times. The software facilitates flexible work both within the company and in cooperation with a possible accounting office.

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