Contact Information

Contact information in Finland

Accountor Finago Oy
Business ID: 0836922-4


Tel. +358 20 116 0400

Customer service


[email protected]
Tel. +358 20 7879 840
Mon – Thu 8:30-16:00
Fri 8:30-12:00


Tel. +358 20 116 0420
Mon – Fri 8:30–16:00


[email protected]
Tel. +358 20 7879 830



[email protected]

Data Protection

If you have questions about data protection, please contact [email protected].

Street and postal address

Espoo Head Office
Accountor Finago Oy
Keilaniementie 1
02150 Espoo

You’ll find us at Accountor Tower. See Google map here.
The picture below shows the current entrance to the Accountor Tower:
Finagon pääsisäänkäynti accountor tower

Please inform the reception at Accountor Tower (reception is at second floor) so that we are notified of your arrival.

Invoicing address – paper invoices:

Accountor Finago Oy
P. O. Box 34009
FI-00021 Laskutus

Invoicing address – email:

[email protected]

Please follow the terms below if you are sending an invoice via email

  • Invoices must be attached to the email in PDF format.
  • One PDF attachment is scanned as one invoice.
  • An email can have 10 attachments at the maximum, and the maximum size of an attachment is 10 MB.
  • No other address entries are allowed in the address field.
  • Attachments in a format other than PDF are not processed.

Invoicing address, e-invoices

Itella (003710948874)
e-invoice address
OVT code

Questions regarding invoices:

[email protected]

020 785 1390
mon-fri klo 9.00–12.00

Managing director

Mikko Soirola
EVP, SME Cluster

[email protected]
+358 40 703 0553

E-mail addresses, personnel: [email protected]

Contact information in Denmark

Accountor Finago ApS
Business ID: 35418105

Customer service: [email protected]

Street and postal address:

Accountor Finago ApS
Herlev Hovedgade 195
2730 Herlev

Contact information in Norway

Accountor Finago AS
Business ID: 999 287 654

Customer service: [email protected], tel. 24 02 25 24 (Mon-Fri 9:00–15:30)

Street and postal address:

Accountor Finago AS
Torggata 5, 6 etasje
0181 Oslo

Contact information in Sweden

Accountor Finago AB
Business ID: 556942-4467

Customer service: [email protected]

Street and postal address:

Accountor Finago AB
Birger Jarlsgatan 6 D
114 34 Stockholm