About us

Finago is a leading Finnish provider of financial management software. We offer our customers cloud-based financial management software and related services with a single agreement.

A pioneer in digitalized financial management

Finago is a pioneer of digital financial management. We want to help businesses and accounting offices to handle financial management easily, reliably and efficiently, by providing them with outstanding financial management software. We believe that digitalization makes financial management more up-to-date, flexible and efficient, thereby providing companies with a new kind of added value.

Most small and medium-sized companies outsource their financial management to an accounting office, and accounting offices are indeed partners of utmost importance for us. Our product family includes all of the solutions needed for the efficient handling of financial and payroll administration, taking advantage of modern digital tools. Our products, the Procountor and Tikon suites, are user-friendly and efficient tools, also ideal for demanding professional use. Together with out unique partner program, they provide accounting offices with a comprehensive solution.

The software of the Finago product family is already in use in more than 100,000 companies and more than 1,200 accounting offices because

  • Finago offers user-friendly, comprehensive and evolving financial management software.
  • The cloud-based digital financial management supports cooperation between the customer company and the accounting office.
  • Up-to-date financial data helps SMEs succeed.
  • We offer an effective comprehensive solution for accounting offices.
  • Our praised customer service serves our customers free of charge.

Strong growth

Finago is a Finnish growth company. Our business is growing fast at the same time as digital financial management is becoming increasingly widespread among SMEs and the accounting offices that serve them. We employ nearly 200 professionals of digital financial management.

Finago is part of Accountor Group, a provider of financial management and payroll administration services and software. Finago is part of the group’s software division, which also includes Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy, Accountor HR Solutions Oy, MaraPlan, TyövuoroVelho, Ecom, eTasku, PCP Partner and Accountor Systems. The Group has more than 2,000 employees and 30,000 customers in seven countries.

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